Find below, a list of the services Total Cleaning Maintenance, Inc. offers.

High Dust:
Includes light fixtures, vents & ducts. We will clean those hard to reach areas, removing built up dust, dirt and dead bugs.

Emergency / Disaster Cleaning:
We are always on call when the unexpected occurs. (i.e. frozen pipes busting)

Pressure Washing/Power washing / Soda blasting:
Service areas for Power Washing include parking garages, ramps, exterior sidewalks, canopies, entrance overhangs, vinyl siding, decks, patio furniture, roofs and foundations. TCM keeps everything looking pristine and stops the spread of mold and mildew. Using a combination of hot water and the most efficient chemicals available.

Turnover / Moving / Post-Construction Clean Up:
Completed construction projects often leave behind dust and debris. TCM, Inc. will clean up after such projects. This allows tenants a smooth transition into their new home, as well as a clean and safe business environment for commercial properties. Cleaners are trained in specific areas of the home. Carpet cleaning, paint and tile maintenance are just the beginning to a swift and flawless turnover.

NEW!! Trash Removal / Recycling / Dumpster Rentals:
Rental pricing coming soon! TCM will do routine trash/recycle pickups, & one time pickups. Call today!

Green Services:
TCM uses HEPA filtration in all vacuums and use organic chemicals.

Seasonal Services (Snow Removal/Yard Waste):
TCM, Inc. offers winter snow removal all season long. TCM, Inc. will leave sidewalks, parking lots, drive ways and roofs clean to ensure safe access to and from the property.

TCM, Inc. also offers sand removal, most common during spring cleaning, Side walks, walk ways, parking lots will be left neat after the winter season.

Janitorial Services:
TCM will maintain your building/property with highly trained personnel. Trash will be emptied, restrooms cleaned and stocked, floors swept/mopped, (buffing/scrub/wax services available upon request.)

Floor Care Services:
VCT Maintenance, Concrete, Daily Scrub/Buff, Scrub & Recoat, Wax, Stripping & Refinishing.
TCM will wax your kitchen, restaurant or any commercial floor, by using advanced technology and paying attention to details. TCM ensures great shine and lasting results for all floor types including VCT, concrete, & ceramic tile.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning:
TCM, Inc. is able to provide residential communities and properties with complete carpet and upholstery care. This includes spot stain removal, steam cleaning and deep carpet scrubs. Any of these services will leave your property like new.